MS 400C Product Overview

The MS 400C Third Generation IP Controller unit is a purpose-built platform for Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) and Vocoder functions used in maritime and strategic long- range (BLOS) communications systems.

In conjunction with the MS 400M Software Defined Modem (SDM) and external link encryptor, the MS 400C provides robust, secure voice, data and position communication capability over HF links even in severely degraded channels conditions. This fully integrated, qualified system ensures optimal performance and functionality and offers peace-of-mind stemming from Mesa Secure’s commitment to long-term product availability and support. Services include voice, position transfer, Email, messaging, ACP 127 chat and IP data transfer.

Concepts of Operation

The MS 400C is designed for 19-inch rack installations with all standard interfaces necessary for maritime shore and ship-borne installations.

In its most basic configuration, the MS 400C provides a ‘IP- to-sync’ data converter function. The MS 400C is capable of hosting a STANAG 5066 ARQ server for error-free data transfer. The STANAG 5066 IP and COSS Clients are embedded in the MS 400C. Alternatively the RC8 can host a STANAG 4538 Proxy for secure data transfer using the STANAG 4538 xDL modes provided in the MS 400M. The MS 400C can be used in Fixed Frequency or Multi Frequency networks. For the latter ALE 2G or 3G (Fast Link Setup) channel access function is utilized for link establishment and link maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

  • IP-to-sync converter function
  • Embedded – STANAG 5066 ARQ Server, JITC certified, Edition 3 compliant
  • Embedded – IP & COSS Clients
  • Embedded – STANAG 4538 Proxy
  • Email, Chat & Messaging – via SIS Protocol
  • Deployment – ship-borne & shore station
  • Operation – Point-to-point and Broadcast
  • Data Modems – SSB, ISB & WBHF
  • ALE – 2G & 3G with ALM
  • Menu-Driven control & configuration
  • DTE port – Synchronous / Asynchronous
  • Ethernet LAN interfaces – for Control and IP-based Data services
  • Asynchronous Serial Port – for ACP-127
  • Factory Presets – lower integration effort