MS 602M Product Overview

The MS 602M Dual Fourth Generation Software Defined Modem provides a purpose-built standalone hardware platform housing two independent wideband modem, ALE controller & ARQ protocol functions. The MS 602M (& MS 600M) units can be installed as both land and ship-borne 19-inch rack equipment occupying only a single 1U slot.

Software Defined

The MS 602M offers the same wide range of standards compliant and proprietary software defined data modem, ALE waveforms and ARQ protocols for WBHF communication systems.

The MS 602M provides standard NAVAL & STRATEGIC interfaces to radios (audio and control), data terminal equipment (serial and packet) and management systems (serial and Ethernet) for configuration and control. Local configuration and control are supported via the front panel and pre-defined scenario presets.

WBHF Packet Data Modem & ARQ

The MS 602M also provides wideband ALE and a proprietary implementation of a wideband HF packet data modem based on HDL & ARQ in 24 kHz.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for redundancy:  Dual PSU
  • Dual (2) functions: 1U 19” rack slo
  • Deployable in ship-borne, shore station & strategic communication installation
  • Software Defined Functions: S/W Option
  • Front Panel Set-up / Control: Menu drive
  • WBHF Data Modem: MIL-STD-188-110C App. D
  • WALE: MIL-STD-188-141C *
  • WBHF HDL/ARQ: Proprietary
  • Management LAN: 1  to 2 interface
  • Data Ports: 2 synchronous data interfaces
  • Data LAN: 2 data interfaces for IP traffi
  • Radio Audio: 4 baseband audio interfaces
  • Radio Control: 4 radio control interfaces
  • Radio Over IP: 2 radio audio & control over IP

WBHF Data Modem & ALE

The MS 602M Dual SDM provides an implementation of MIL-STD-188-110C Appendix D. The WBHF waveforms occupy bandwidths from 3 to 24 kHz in increments of 3 KHz, offering user data rates between 75 bps and 120 kbps.