Leaning on over 100 years of product development experience our team provides a single source solution for new product introduction (NPI) and new product development (NPD). Mesa Secure provides the necessary planning, assessments, and monitoring needed throughout the critical development and manufacturing process.  Our team is comprised of electrical and mechanical engineers, supply chain, manufacturing, quality and regulatory compliance professional overseen by a dedicated project manager. Each customer’s mission is tailored to the unique business and product profile, and as partners we work together to deliver services that range from product feasibility, rapid prototyping, to resource assessments.

  • Product Feasibility
    Mesa Secure offers experienced program managers who can assist in creating a product roadmap for to determine feasibility, regulatory requirements, and execute agile product development.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Mesa Secure provides the support needed to navigate the critical incubation stage for new product introduction (NPI) through development, operations, manufacturing, logistics, and final acceptance quality.
  • Resource Assessment
    Mesa Secure can help asses, benchmark, and identify areas to help you reduce costs and improve quality for your design to cost and design to manufacture missions.

Let us know your mission requirements and our team will support you in identifying the best solution to meet them. If the right solution doesn't exist, we will work with our partners to provide you with an mission critical solution you require.