Frontline Email

RC3G-MS MessagePoint email interface, together with MS 400M modems, offers users the ability to send and receive emails efficiently and reliably over existing HF and V/UHF radio links.

RC3G-MS MessagePoint is a Microsoft® Windows® application that interfaces between the radio network and the user email client. Emails can be composed using well known email clients such as Microsoft® Outlook® and Mozilla Thunderbird™.

RC3G-MS MessagePoint will ensure they get delivered accurately to MS 400M SDM units with MessagePoint on the radio network.

RC3G MessagePoint Advantages

  • Employs the waveforms and protocols from STANAG 4538 ARCS
  • Reliable delivery of messages using Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) protocols
  • Address book of radio network email users
  • Message prioritization
  • Automatically retry and resumption of undelivered or interrupted messages
  • Message compression and JPG image resizing
  • Message delivery status logging & viewer
  • Ease of use, configuration and installation
  • Message delivery progress indication

Features & Benefits:

  • Email over HF & VHF Network
  • Internet Email
    • Microsoft Outlook™ & Mozilla Thunderbird Compatible
    • SMTP, POP3
  • Operational Modes
    • Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint
    • Email Compression, Resumption, Prioritization
    • Reliable Message Delivery
  • Robust Link Setup and Packet Data
    • Uses MS 400M SDM’s ALE 3G Fast Link Setup (FLSU)
    • Uses MS 400M SDM’s Packet Data Modem & ARQ (xDL)
  • RC3G-MS Graphics User Interface (GUI)
    • Assisted Network Configuration
    • Message Queue Management
    • Channel Status (SNR, BER)
  • Platforms – Windows™ XP and Win7
  • Secure OTA Transmissions
    • Linking Protection - ALE 3G (FLSU)
  • Data/Control Interface – Serial and Ethernet 

Reliable Email

Reliable delivery of crucial information is essential in disaster or tactical environments. RC3G-MS MessagePoint ensures the quick and accurate delivery of email messages by using the (Automatic Repeat reQuest) ARQ protocols. Delivery status notification is provided.

Effective Channel Use

All email messages are sent compressed and delivered as per priority assigned. RC3G-MS MessagePoint will automatically retry and resume undelivered or interrupted messages. Email prioritization results in high priority emails being sent first. Longer lower priority emails can be preempted by shorter higher priority emails.

RC3G-MS MessagePoint will optimise each email message: file attachments are compressed, JPG images are resized, and headers introduced by the user email clients are stripped. This results in smaller transmission sizes and faster email delivery.

Multi-frequency Support (ALE)

RC3G-MS MessagePoint uses the Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) function of the MS 400M modem to enable efficient multi-frequency operation. Radio network configuration is simplified using pre-configured network configurations.

Message Archive

RC3G-MS MessagePoint provides an archive facility, which gives the operator an overview of all sent and received emails, and allows resending of failed emails. 

Address Book

Address book functionality has been built into RC3G-MS MessagePoint: all contacts specified for the network can be viewed and exported to a file, which can then be imported into compatible email clients.

Ease of Use

RC3G-MS MessagePoint was designed for maximum ease of use. The installation and configuration is completed with step-by-step wizards. Once this has been done, RC3G-MS MessagePoint will run seamlessly in the background, providing access to the mailbox, and sending and receiving email messages over the radio network.

Progress and Status

The delivery progress of incoming and outgoing email messages is displayed on the RC3G MessagePoint User Interface. This gives the operator a clear view of which messages still need to be delivered and which have already been delivered.


RC3G-MS MessagePoint is configured with the RC3G-MS USB Fill Device prepared by the RC3G-MS System Configuration Software (SCS).