RC66-MS Product Overview

The RC66-MS Synchronous Communications Suite provides the ability to send and receive Emails efficiently and reliably over HF radio links and the Internet. RC66-MS simplifies the task of setting up the HF Network, integrating Internet and HF Email seamlessly. RC66-MS is compatible with standard Email applications like Microsoft Outlook™, which is used by the user to read and write Emails.

RC66-MS contains a STANAG 5066 ARQ protocol stack that provides interoperable, error-free and efficient communication over HF radio links. RC66-MS provides support for Multiple Frequency HF Networking via the MS 400M’s build-in ALE 2G or 3G capabilities.

HF Email & Other Data Services

RC66-MS increases throughput by means of RFC 1952 standardized compression as mandated by STANAG 5066 Annex F (CFTP).

The CFTP supports prioritization of Emails, sending higher priority Email first. Should the transmission of an Email be interrupted or preempted by a higher priority Email, the interrupted Email can be resumed at an appropriate time. Other HF data services include chat, messaging and IP data.


RC66-MS continually maximizes throughput by monitoring the signal quality and adjusting the data rate (DRC) in accordance with the link quality. If the radio channel is no longer viable for communication the ALE is used to select a different channel for continued communication (ALM channel change).

Concepts of Operation

The RC66-MS GUI assists the HF Network Administrator to define a hierarchical HF Network layout without complexities associated with ALE and STANAG 5066. RC66-MS allows HF Network configuration to be updated when new nodes are added or removed.

RC66-MS gives the user complete control to use the radio for data or voice transmission as required by the user. Three data modes are supported: ARQ, non-ARQ and Radio Silence. The radio silence mode allows EMCON operations where nodes can pull messages.

Features & Benefits:

  • Standards compliance – MIL-STD and STANAG
  • HF Email, Messaging Standards
    • STANAG 5066 Annex F (JITC Cert.)
    • CFTP Client (Compressed mail)
    • ACP127, IP Client
  • Internet Email
    • Microsoft Outlook™ Compatible
    • SMTP, RFC 2821
  • ARQ Data Protocol
    • STANAG 5066 protocol V1.2 (JITC Cert.)
    • Automatic Data Rate Change (DRC)
    • Automatic Link Maintenance (ALM) – ALE 2G & 3G
    • Interoperable with S5066 Compliant Solutions
  • Operational Modes
    • ARQ & non-ARQ Modes
    • Radio Silence (EMCON) & Voice Modes
  • RC66-MS Graphics User Interface (GUI)
    • Assisted Network Configuration
    • Message Queue Management
    • Channel Status (SNR, BER)
  • Platforms – Windows™ XP and Win 7&8
  • Secure OTA Transmissions
    • Crypto Support
    • Linking Protection - ALE 2G & 3G
  • Synchronous Interface – PCI Synchronous Card
  • Remote control interfaces – Serial and Ethernet